Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Morgan Drools Again

How many ways can you spell pathetic? Morgan, the Psychopath, has laid another rant to ring in the New Year. It repeats the same lies, all ad hominem attacks with no documentation, but promising some 'real writer' is going to do something about me as I continue to provide facts instead of endless, drooling fantasies. 

The entry by Lord Belmont was up months before I saw it.  His own short article references widely documented and acknowledged (by everyone but Alex and Laura) acts which, as Lord Belmont said, "Alexander Charles David Drogo [Montagu], 13th Duke of Manchester, born in Australia, has brought the proud name of his illustrious family into disrepute. 

His scandal-ridden life has thus far seen him married three times, imprisoned twice in Australia, deported from Canada and exposed as a bigamist.
But, even now, in his 50th year, he shows no sign of tempering his infamously erratic behaviour.
Currently living on Newport Beach, California, with his third and current wife Laura, Alexander Montagu, whose four-times married father, the 12th Duke, was jailed for fraud, he has launched a bizarre and outrageous attack on the Royal Family."

Ironically enough, it is Morgan who has the history of dirty tricks, these coming naturally to her as a psychopath. 

Psychopaths don't actually recognize facts, being natural revisionist historians. However, over a period of years Morgan occasionally told the truth, not because she had changed her evil ways but because she had fallen out with her co-conspirator, Craig.  

Now I am going through the several thousands files in the ten or more folders and subfolders holding information on her exciting history with John Fund.  Johnfund.com 

From 2001 - late 2009 Morgan was consistent about many elements of her personal experiences with Craig.  More later, but you have this to read now.  

The divorce was not going as Craig wanted. Craig started talking about having Mother killed. At the time I did not take him seriously. I now realize he was working through the dangers to himself in his own mind while talking to me. He finally rejected the idea saying, “They always look at the husband first.”
These conversations were most intense immediately after each hearing, either for the divorce or in the case of Glenn Hightower. Craig called immediately after each hearing. Each time he repeated himself. Soon I could repeat what he would say, word for word.”
FROM: Exhibit 20 - Morgan Pillsbury Gell Affidavit I, 2009
This quote is from an affidavit given by Morgan Pillsbury, signed August 27, 2009. Through this narrative you see how psychopaths think, how this thinking, combines to create the ugly greed behind a corporation which supplies drone technology for war, and how corrupt our judiciary really is. You need to know because highly intelligent psychopaths are are the core of the problems we face today.
With our project, Understand Psychopathy, Protect Yourself and Your Family, you can take an important step toward changing our world and returning us to individual freedom.

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