Thursday, January 17, 2013

And the Daily Mail Chimes In - Update!

It took two days for Richard Kay to chat with Marcus and ensure the larger world was apprised of the goings on of Alexander, 13th Duke of Manchester, but today in the Daily Mail.....this modified note appeared. Marcus had provided”....was the little snippet I prepared for Richard Kay’s column in the Daily Mail....
THE Duke of Manchester, who is familiar with the sound of a slamming prison door – he’s twice been jailed in Australia, and was exposed as a bigamist at the High Court in London in 2011 – has notched up another legal battle scar, this time in Las Vegas, where he’s just received a 90-day sentence, suspended for six months, and been ordered to pay a ‘restitution’ fee of $3,575. 
The case arose after what might politely be termed a misunderstanding over money – a recurrent problem for the 50-year-old, thrice-married Alex Montagu, the 13th Duke, whose first wife, former model Marion Stoner, left him after what she described as ‘the spear-gun incident’ (the volatile Alex had fired at her but missed). 
He’s probably eclipsed his father, Angus, the 12th Duke, who got a three-year stretch for fraud in the USA, and his great-grandfather, the 9th Duke, who was sent to Wormwood Scrubs,’ says author Marcus Scriven, who has chronicled the Montagus’ many misdeeds, ‘but he’s still some way behind his great-uncle, Lord Edward Montagu, who was jailed in at least three countries.’

...though, regrettably, it was edited down to this (scroll down to 5th story on page): -”
It must be heart-warming for Alex to realize how many people around the world are following the ongoing disaster which is his life.

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