Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The Evil Twins, at it Again.

So why yesterday for the barrage of creative writing efforts from the Laura, the lethargic and Morgan the Mean? Certainly it was not a celebration for MLK's birthday, so what moved Morgan and her spiritual twin, Laura, to suddenly charge for the keyboards, spittle dripping from their fangs? The assaults on the English language and brain-dead effusions were longer, but no more intelligent than the well-known norm.

Morgan produced her usual revisionist rant, which one of my friends commented, “ she crazy?” The answer was, of course, “No, she is not crazy, just disordered.” I sent him more useful information on the characteristics of psychopathy and he had an Ah Ha! Moment. It explained a lot to him actually, since he knew Anne, too.

Wendy e-ed me this morning with the proliferation of photos from Laura. These obviously were excavated from the Internet and represent many hours of squinting at the screen for the Menopausal One.

The photo of Ashley made Wendy roll her eyes. It was taken in 2008, just a short time before the last time Alex saw Ashley for the last time. The photo reminded Wendy of the hideous time before the court took the kids out of Alex's physical custody. This happened because it was clear to the judge from the evidence he was exhibiting the worst case of Parental Alienation Syndrome ever seen. Also leaving the kids with anyone who could be imposed on.

Then, of course, along with stealing Wendy's family heirlooms, jewelry, and valuables to sell, he also sold anything of the kids' which would realize a profit. Alex did, eventually, return some used clothing, several years later. You can imagine how helpful that is for growing kids.

So, what happened over this last weekend? Too much spare time on your hands? Though every day is a weekend for you, right?

That reminds me. How is the fundraising going? Did the $5.00 lottery ticket not come in so The Fine could be paid? We puzzled over this because, as Wendy well knows, Alex does not worry about being evicted until they start carrying stuff out the door and placing it on the sidewalk. Of course, not paying the fine would definitely lead to a different sore of relocation, so this time Alex may actually spend some time thinking about how to solve the Problem.

Or, perhaps it is something from a different direction entirely. Did Craig finally find a nubile young thing who stood around long enough to be impregnated? Given his scheming to obtain his real goals he would then be busy thinking about when the little girl turns twelve and pouring money into ensuring her horror and shock is as deep as possible when he rapes her. This would cause fundage to evaporate, and it is impossible to imagine why the Manchesters keep this up unless fundage is in the offing. Come on, you can tell us. After all, we're not psychopaths.

Fundage. That reminds me of your mutual co-conspirator John Fund. Hey, Reader, go listen to the Audio Tapes, I bet you did not know John Fund, formerly of the Wall Street Journal, was involved with Craig, Dan O'Dowd, Morgan Gell, Laura Anne Smith Montagu and Alexander, Duke of Manchester, did you?   Involved, like, you know, in a conspiracy.  This also includes some of Fund's closest associates.  

Craig and Dan have their own site, linked above, and also are discussed at Drone Free Zone. But, they are involved, too. 

Have you been enjoying reading the documents now up at Just the Evidence? Inquiring Minds Want to Know.

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