Saturday, January 26, 2013

And a Phone Call is Answered

Wendy knew what she was probably in for when she picked up the phone, which ominously read, “Private.” The article written by Tim Bayless in the Bisbane Times, date line January 27, 2013, was titled, “Dastardly duke strikes again,” had just hit the Internet.

She had ignored two calls yesterday, and the exchange between Alex, 13th Duke of Manchester and his nearest and dearest, aired on The Duke and Doxie of Manchester on January 4th, that exchange was between Lady Mary Montagu, Lady Emma Montagu, and Alex. The exchange was one long whine from Alex, then facing his appearance in court on January 15th for passing a bad check to obtain a car, his usual form of financing, according to Wendy.

She asked if she should answer it. I paused, considering. “Go ahead. Call me right back so we can write something about it.”

When Wendy called back she reported the experiences was, as always, ugly, but with some differences. This time instead of screeching Laura, Duchess of Manchester, spoke in hushed tones, as if she did not want to be heard, trying to persuade Wendy Marion Stoner never existed.

Wendy responded, pointing out she had appeared in court, been interviewed, and photographed. Also, emails exist with Alex claiming his mother was supposed to have taken care of what, he described as an annulment.

Then Laura's voice dropped again and she said she had been doing research on the Internet which proved Lady Mary and Lady Emma had been engaged in a conspiracy against Wendy's children since 1992. Wendy's jaw dropped slightly.

In 1992 she had no children. She and Alex were married in 1993. Clearly, whatever line of narrative had been written was not going to work.

Now, it is not our object here to assist anyone who is highly psychopathic, and therefore has not even and hand-shake relationship with the truth to be a better liar, but really, Laura and Alex would be well advised to at least use a time line when they are engaging in this sort of 'creative rewriting' of history.

Naturally, the call ended with a barrage of nasty insults from Laura, who lived with Wendy for a time when she would, otherwise, have been homeless in 2008.

It does make you wonder how long other members of the aristocracy are going to tolerate Manchester. Time will tell.

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