Monday, January 28, 2013

Mary and Alex learn about Car-ma

Lady Mary Montagu, who very much prides herself on her title, apparently did not entirely understand what it means to act like a lady, when, in 1964 her husband of three years apparently decided to begin playing around with another woman. 

Lady Mary found herself charged with assault, June 8, 1964, charges dismissed, perhaps because of sympathy since is seems likely, by the date, she was at the time within two months of giving birth to her second child, Kimble, born July 21.  

Perhaps Mary was just determined to hold her marriage together.  One must wonder what the marriage was like, though. 

Sunday, June 8, 1964

Sunday, April 29, 1965, Lady Mary breaks into another woman's home looking for her errant husband, yet again.  
One must feel a degree of sympathy.  But, certainly, her actions lacked dignity and seem to be rather out of line.

The next article makes you wonder what Lady Mary was so concerned about suppressing since what had come before was, well, not at all lady-like.  Inquiring minds want to know, and so will continue to inquire.  By this time, Alex was no longer in school, having left without benefit of diploma from high school at the time of his grandfather's death, on November 23, 1977. 
Saturday, February 3, 1979, Lady M asked information be suppressed. 

A  Tuesday, November 21, 1981 - Alexander Montagu is living with his mother in Melbourne.

Although Alex tells many stories about his 'military background,' and hush-hush deep cover daring-doings, it actually appears he was living at him with Mum and working as the 'bar manager at Lazar's Restaurant in Melbourne , from this article below, dated November 21, 1981, which heralds the bankruptcy and financial problems Lady Mary seems to have ignored for too long.  An incident is reported regarding a 22 caliber rifle.  Alex was hauled off to the police station, questioned, and released.  At least this time it was not a spear gun.  

But we know in a few months, by his own report, Alex was working with
Thomas Joseph Fabian Erickson, stealing cars.  Curiously, Lady Mary's family was in the car business and she was reported as having a relationship with Erickson by Alex.  Co-incidence?  Again, inquiring minds want to know. 

And then on June 5, 1985 a joyous event occurs.  The Duke of Manchester dies, leaving Angus with the title and Alex as heir.  Normally, or for normal people, this would be a time to express sadness and for condolences to be extended.  Notice the word, 'normal.' 

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