Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Job Security for Laura Now In Question

The Duke has been a busy boy.   The 'looking posting' at NONONE - Adult Community, appears to have been started on May 28, 2012 4:11 am.  

If you have been following the development of events you are well aware Alex was still firmly shackled, uh, married, to Laura when this went up.  He is, as far as we know, still legally married to her and living with her today.  

The Posting did not mention any such inconvenient details.  It did include enough, however, to show it is indeed, the Dolt of Manchester.  

The name he is using is - lmontymont
This is the handle Alex has used for his email for many, many years.  

There are four photos provided, reproduced here from the time Alex was around 20 years of age.  Recent photos show he is losing his hair and shape.  But these are definitely Alex. 

May 28, 2012 May 28, 2012

And the last we heard Alex had not talked anyone into paying to file divorce papers from his present wife, Laura, who continues to vociferously  attack anyone who dares tell the truth about him.

 Alex shows his birth date as:   Born on November 12, 1962,  This is incorrect.  The correct date is one month later, the day before December 11th, 1962.  (Scroll down to see information on Lineage Page
Lives in Newport Beach, United States
Alex also does not live in NewPort Beach, but in Las Vegas, Nevada.  However, he CLAIMED to live in Newport Beach, using a mail drop there until very recently.  

So, shall we speculate on what Alex is about, looking for a woman in NewPort Beach, well away from his residence with his present wife, Laura Anne Smith Montagu?  

During the period of May and June Alex was very worried about the pre-trial scheduled in Las Vegas for July, which he managed to have postponed, claiming lack of counsel.  (He had no money to pay for counsel.)  

If he had no money to pay for counsel and was married why would be be looking for a woman in Newport Beach for purposes of dating?  

In the case of his long time bigamous marriage to Wendy Buford Montagu he approached marriage as a means of ensuring himself transportation and a place to live, plus other benefits.  He was looking for a 'relationship' on these terms when he met Wendy in 1992, marrying her in 1993.  

Alex was offering to sell the title of Duchess, according to these articles, beginning in 1988,

July 18, 1988 People Magazine,  Vol. 30  No. 3 Summertime, and the Loving Is Anything but Easy for Lionel, Melvin and Stephanie

The People - My Barmy Wedding by Ian Dougall

 November 26, 1989  THE AGE, by Spy  -  Lord, Now it's a wedding

May 11 - Australian Post Naughty Viscount by Murray Thompson
September 21
SUN JOURNAL, (AP)  Diana's Cousin Selling Title
The world now knows Alex knowingly entered into a bigamous marriage with Wendy in 1993, as he was still legally married to Marion Stoner Montagu.   The Stoner Story 


               June 5th  - Wendy learned Alex had been married at the time at the time of their wedding but had signed off on his previous marriage in August 1996, 3 years into they were married.  Alex never personally paid any court ordered child or spousal support. 

            Alex continues to claim he 'paid support,' because the Trust made payments for the children directly to Wendy, who was awarded complete physical custody at the time of divorce in 20017.  Alex never paid either child support or alimony.  

            Wendy received on support from the time the Trust was informed by Alex of his bigamy until payments for the children were restored by decision of the Queen's Court.

     July 19th - Law suit heard in the High Court of the Chancery, London, on the issue of the legitimacy of the two children of the non-marriage of Alex Montagu and Wendy Buford Montagu.  Children have rights as beneficiaries.    

Today, Alex still owed over $20,000 in unpaid alimony, interest accruing.   This recent blather, and posting from Laura, ironically, claiming otherwise. 
ANNOUNCEMENT:  We are still looking for the answer to the question, "How dumb can he get?"   and additionally:  "How dumb can she be?" and, "How Long Will She Last?"

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