Friday, October 26, 2012

UPDATE - New Court Date - November 28, 2012

Alex's case has been postponed until 28th Nov, 7.30am.
Alex found an attorney and so was represented in court yesterday.  The attorney's name is Derrick S. Penny.  This information was available on Mr. Penny from the Nevada Bar Association website.

So. the questions now posed are:

How long will this attorney last? 

Will Esquire Penney return his retainer, as have some of the  past counselors who signed on to defend Alex? 

And what is Alex going to do for transportation? 

Will Craig come in and save the day, buying a car for Alex?

Will Alex and Laura move to Santa Barbara to become Craig's in-house staff while he produces his block-buster movie, "Craig Franklin's Tea Party?"  

Stay tuned for more developments, updates here. 

Derrick S. Penney

  • Company: Penney Law Firm, Ltd.
  • Address: 330 E. Charleston Blvd., Suite 100
    Las Vegas  NV 89104
  • Phone Number: 702-497-7545
  • Admit Date:  09/25/03
  • Law School:  Florida State University
  • Specialization:  None
  • Professional Liability Insurance:  Yes
  • Current Member Status
  • Attorney Active

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