Thursday, October 25, 2012

Another Day of Judgement for the Dolt

Drum Roll..........

8:30am  Pacific Time - Alex should now be sitting in court awaiting his preliminary hearing to begin.  This is a criminal trial, an action brought by the State of Nevada for passing a bad check.  The judge will determine if there is enough evidence to move to trial.  We can anticipate Montagu-Manchester will try the following:

First, claim he needs more time to obtain counsel.  This is a lie, of course.  He cannot afford an attorney.  We hope, and predict, the judge William D. Jansen, will assign a court appointed attorney.  

Second, Alex will claim to need back surgery for ongoing back problems.  Alex claims to be disabled.  Of course, how was it possible for him to think he could become a long-haul truck driver one year ago when he also claims he is disabled?

Third, Alex will claim the car was a lemon and his wallet was stolen on video.  However, it is well known that Alex is perfectly capable of cutting his own brake lines and otherwise vandalizing a car when he does not want to continue to pay for it.  In this instance, he never paid anything for the car.  The check just bounced.   Above, you see Alex's Standard Operating Procedure for obtaining transportation.  This time it did not work as planned.  

Wendy, Alex's former wife, routinely was forced to co-sign for car loans and then pay them off when Alex's checks continued to bounce.  

Alex, why don't you show there was sufficient money in your account THE DAY YOU WROTE THE CHECK?  You won't, because the money was not there.  You had alienated your latest patsy, Raye Allan and you knew no more money would be shipped to you. 

Have a lovely day, no one deserves it more.

Laura, you were warned.  Everyone tried, your friends, your mother, his children warned you, his former wife, Wendy warned you.  Now you have alienated everyone who might have helped you and your ugly lies have exposed you for what you are.  And it is not over yet.   This fall will be longer and more painful still.  

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