Monday, October 29, 2012

Job Opportunities for the Duke and Doxie of Manchester

What are unemployable members of the quasi-aristocracy to do as the Funds run down and out?  Gosh.  Neither has ever held a real job for more than a few weeks, in Alex's case, and, well, it depends how you view Laura's 'profession' in her case. 
So the idea of going to work for Craig (if he actually buys or rents a house in Los Angeles or Santa Barbara) doubtless has some appeal.  It would appeal to Craig to have two people at his beck and call, except that - what would they DO?  

As Craig's Tea Party gets off the ground he will certainly need competent help - though, given the quality of what he spends money to put on line we have to question the need to be too picky.  And what if Craig was unwise enough, which might well be the case with unlimited money and a broken moral compass.  

In any case, where does this leave Laura and Alex?  Making cold calls to Libertarians?  Imagine the ensuring dialog, if you can stand the thought.  

Alex - "Hi!  I'm calling for Craig Franklin's Tea Party.  Do you have any girl children from eight to 30 you would like to rent out?   No?  Hello?" 

Laura - "Hi!  I'm calling for the Libertines......We believe in....What do you want us to believe in?  A date?  When and where?" 

Neither Alex or Laura can write, read their bloggings is you doubt this.  Both are completely clueless when it comes to politics and confused about the difference between political parties. Laura can't cook, or clean - though she can lie persuasively until the lies start to pile up on her, which happens all too soon.  

Both have a difficult time following a conversation that includes any topic but money, the property they think they should have, long lost by previous generations of Montagus, and, in Laura's case, her Kitties.  

It seems sort of hopeless, unless you look more closely.  

There are two things Craig is well able to pay for.  Since he generally does not have a valid driver's license, in my experience I all too often had to drive him because it had been revoked for various causes, Craig has a crying need for a chauffeur.  Of course, Alex is not the idea driver, but it should be worth something to have a Duke in the driver's seat wearing your uniform, right Craig? 

And Craig normally pays $5,000 a month for ready sex to multiple women, according to Anne Fisher, who certainly knew, since she and Regina Russell often found women for him.    Problems solved!  

Now, where should they live? 


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