Monday, October 22, 2012

More documentation to follow...........

Wendy will get the court the documentation on your car purchases for the last 20 years.  Would that be helpful?   Think about it.   

A little commentary -



My recent situation with a  car company in Nevada,

"It Was(sic) a car company that was not a registered legal car dealer."
Paying with a bouncing check is illegal even if you buy from a private party.  Bad form, you know. 
"The car broke down within two weeks of purchase. The car warranty was the worst anyone has ever seen!"
 So, why are you unable to buy from reputable dealers?  Is it because you still owe money on the last car you purchased and stopped paying for? I recall you telling me you had to park it away from your residence so it would not be repossessed. 
"The company would not take responsibility"
Perhaps they thought they should be paid something before you received service.  Did that occur to you? 
"The check was canceled because my wallet was stolen on camera we have the video." 
What would this, if true, have to do with your checking account or making good on your purchases?
"The car was a lemon at the beginning these car company's were so friendly it seemed fine."
Wendy says writing a bad check was Standard Operating Procedure for you and this happened all the time during the years you were married, or at least she thought she was married.  She has paperwork verifying you continually 'bought' cars and then forced her to make good on your bad checks, using her 401K.
 We are handling the situation it took time to get the tape to prove my wallet was stolen.
Is this letter your idea of 'handling' the situation?
I had been in touch with them they knew what was going on with the car they did not want to come get the car they wanted me to tow the car at my expense.  And I did.
But did you make good on the bounced check?
They also sold me a "warranty" that was not bumper to bumper like they told me.
If that was the case why have you not filed a claim for fraud?  Silence is deep and eloquent. 
Everything is being taken care of.
Just like always, right? 

Much more documentation will also follow,  - Not -  it never happens. 

The Duke of Manchester

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