Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Response to Laura's latest Flick Posting regarding Marcus Scriven

Laura, Doxie of Manchester, had another bad night - so she got up out of the bath tub where she sleeps, and molested both the English language and the computer again.  This was the result.   

Something Alex, Dolt of Manchester, and Laura, his Doxie, have in common with their fellow conspirators, Morgan and Jay Barteaux-Gell, Craig (Incest Porn) Franklin and John (I-GET-PAID-TO-HELP-KARL-ROVE-STEAL-ELECTIONS) Fund, is their ability to lie and show no sign they are doing so.  This is part of the pattern for psychopaths.  They have, you would say, an innate ability with reality distortion.  

The highly psychopathic lie constantly and some of them seem to  have amazing  imaginations.  Of course, this is not really the case.  Psychopaths just get loud and abrasive when their con-job is not working.  Lacking creativity, they copy each other loudly and with the sound of conviction ringing in their tones.  

For John, this has proven to be his career, and a lucrative one at that.  John's first paid writing job was with the tabloid, The Star.  He really should have stayed there.   

Liars do not offer proof.  They just write in caps.  As I respond to their asinine comments with all of them going on like bobbing head chimps I see them very differently than I once did.  Then, I thought of them as people.    Now they are just Craig's Chimps. 

 There is a reason their comments have come to bore us.  They lack the real creativity to think of anything original so they endlessly recycle the words they, almost, know how to spell.    

And  their list of whoopers are truly mind boggling.  

The newest of these is below, that Wendy is having an 'affair' with Marcus Scriven.  They have never met, actually.  They do talk on the phone on rare occasions.  Heck.  I talk to Marcus occasionally - and I bet he talks to lots of people.  Journalists do that, you know.  Certainly I do that.  

They don't like Marcus because he writes the truth about them.  The article Laura copied on to her flickr page, was well researched and documented.  But Laura does not care about that.  She cares about making sure the ones who dole out the money in her life, like bananas for a chimp, keep doing so.  

Wouldn't you think they would come up with something more, well, believable?  


 Back Row:  John Fund, Jay E. Gell, Morgan Barteaux Gell, and Alexander, Duke of Manchester

Middle and More:  Craig (Incest Porn) Franklin

Front Row:  Laura, Doxie of Manchester, with crown.  


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