Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Have a nice life, Alex!

It is important to remember......

Alex Loves Alex.

For a psychopath there is really no one else in the world who counts. Laura knows this, but evidently she still believes she can make a career out of being the Duchess of Manchester so continues to try to sell these reinterpretations of history.

After Alex and Laura had their falling out in mid October 2011, which culminated in Alex filing for divorce,  Raye and I were flummoxed. Over the previous weeks Raye and I had been having doubts about how nice they actually were but the anger and ugliness of their break up led  to a wish to distance ourselves from the situation as soon as the sale of the Michael Jackson Tapes was complete. It was like suddenly we had fallen down a rabbit hole and nothing was the same.

Early on, Alex had told Raye, and then me, he felt like he had found two mothers, when his own mother had been completely unloving. He started telling us both he loved us. This was cute for a while. Then he wanted us to come live with him. That was creepy.

Alex ended phone calls by saying, “Love you!” and routinely used it in correspondence to both Raye and myself, sample below. This was anything but romantic since it included having him act like a whiny child, which over those last days really began annoying me. He was always calling me, expecting I should do something more for him.

Here is one of the last emails Alex sent me.

(no subject)



to me, raelon

Dear Melinda
Hi  I went to a movie yesterday I saw the THING it was OK just a bit slow.
I am coming up your way tomorrow for a couple of days I spoke to Ray this morning I tried to call you a couple of times but your phone was busy
I am really hung over today
I was going to leave early tomorrow morn and needed to know the address were to meet you
I am excited to meet you finally I feel so bad today   I now remember why I do not drink.
Do you want my breakfast Lunch Dinner and snack menu   yet HA HA HA HA HA HA HA.
I am just looking forward to meeting you and I do not want to discuss any thing negative nothing I will bring the computer thing.
wile I am up there we can set up the military equipment etc site I was going to set up the e-mail thing but could not figure it out do I need a password or anything can you walk me through how to set it  up so I can get e-mails etc on it so I can stop the AOL account
Cant wait to see you tomorrow
Love Alex
How delightful, I thought, having received his email. I get to provide a vacation for Alex and on top of producing another website, when he still has not paid for the first one.  And I get to make him special meals. I was annoyed, and grew more so because he did not show up after I bought the food. Eventually, I had to throw it away.

I did not ask him to come. It was his idea. He asked Raye if she thought it would be good for him, she said yes. I was the only one not consulted.

Writing Alex a 'Love Letter' was the last thing on my mind. Getting paid for the work done was on my mind, however. So, I prepared his special meals. 


But I sent instructions on how to get to the cabin , and was far more polite than I wanted to be.  This is what Laura posted, without explanation of what was really happening.  

Here are some emails from this period, by date to me and Raye or to Alex.

(no subject)


to me, Rayelan

He's Mentally Ill right now . Period.
I have many people to reference to it.
You do not know him and have never met him.
I have known him everyday for 5 years.
I have many friends to reference his tactics and Lies.
He's still calling me with more lies about finding things..?
While he steals all of my things?
I have been scanning Documents for you and him.....He now is turning that on me too??? Ya papers are all over the place because of HIM!!   Nice guy!

I have skin cancer he does not care!!!!!!

He wants to go thru my all my boxes.
 The tape was not in my things...It has been everywhere with us Laguna, LA, Michigan,

I GOT us across country.
I sold my car to get us a apartment and food!!!!!   And Gas!  He dosent

 care if I have NO home NO CAR NO clothes???  I have nothing I have the clothes on my back.....That's How I RAN OUT OF THE HOUSE TO BE SAFE HE WAS GOING NUTS!
He has told several lies to people as of today.   And he is still telling lies that he found stuff under the bed etc....He is nuts!

OH then he says He loves me and wants me to come home when I. See a doctor? YA for skin cancer!!

He was dumping boxes out on the floor and turning red and saying if you don't help me find this tape ill kill you at the end of the day.

He has been off his Meds for much longer I think?

Everything you talked to my mom about he just told me. That made him more angry!!
I have more numbers if you like.

Good Luck,
 I thought You were my friends.

I have been trying so hard for him you would have had to hire someone to scan documents....
I did a lot of work NOW he's turning on me again.

He has left me homeless, I have NO clothes NO car, NO money, No shoes One pair NOTHING!
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NOTE:  Neither Raye or I ever talked to Laura's Mother.  Alex was inventing, something he always does.  

From: theduchessofmanchester@xxx.com
To: lmontymont@xxx.com
Sent: 2011-10-16 3:16:30 P.M. Pacific Daylight Time
Subj: (no subject)

I need clothes shoes socks under ware!!Bras,pajamas!! You can not leave a woman in the streets!
With NO money no clothes or shoes NO CAR,,,,I an So beyond angry I'm going to sue the hell out of you!!!!!!!
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to me
Dear Ladys,

The website is Beautiful.
Thank god above,  I met Ray and became friends. Over a period of time we gained trust.  Everyone has a sad story.  But Alex was set up to fail. By many people. He knows in his Subconscious mind. He has been set aside to fail.
We will get our work done this week! And this year.

Thank You,

Ray and Melinda!

Laura Montagu

I love you like sisters and women with a focus.
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(no subject)


to me
I'm going to a shelter they said they would pick me up.....he is dangerous.....I'm not safe.
Sent on the Sprint® Now Network from my BlackBerry®

  This post is on a site Laura put up, pretending to be Wendy.  This violates the rules and is something blogger will take action on.  Another website bites the dust.

Here is the last letter I sent Alex on October 28, 2011. It is about the website I built for them and their refusal to pay me. 

to Duke

Yes, Alex,  having stolen my expertise in writing, the site, maligned me, defrauded Raye and shot yourself thoroughly in the foot yet again,  you will have to now figure out how to make it work yourself.  I hope Al is willing to adopt you.

Have a nice life,   Melinda

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