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A Report – PsychoBusting, the work continues

A Report – PsychoBusting, the work continues - (A series in several parts)
Preface – Past Action

A few months ago a concerted attack by a group of psychopaths forced me to take direct action using the truth, copious legal documents, and an occasionally painful transparency. With emails, interviews, phone messages, transcripts, court documents, videos, and plethora of other materials I began to 'out' the individuals involved, hoping it would stop the attacks, allowing me to get on with my life. Given objective circumstances, my life is challenging enough without dealing with the likes of the individuals named below.

One of the techniques of the psychopaths in these cases, and most psychopaths, includes ugly personal attacks, sewing distrust between the victim, their friends, relatives, and business associates. These are carried out to isolate the victim, increasing their vulnerability.

My work was published on four websites, PsychoBusters, The Duke and Doxie of Manchester, Morgan Pillsbury Gell, Jay E. Gell, and Craig Franklin and Green Hills Software, as my last, desperate attempt to cope with these individuals, as least three of them highly psychopathic, who had teamed up to destroy me, which is not as unusual as one might think. Consider Congress for a moment. Or the IRS. Or TSA. Of course, the TSA is generally less personal in their approach.

Fortunately, I was not alone. Wendy, Manchester's former wife, had them in her life. Jillkster, once married to the son of my first husband from his second marriage, was also having to cope with their ugly ways.

Wendy and I first talked on December 3, 2011. She was a mine of information regarding the Manchesters. Laura had moved in with her in October, 2008, after leaving Alexander herself. Laura went back to him on December 30th because she could not find a replacement and she hoped to make a career, somehow, out of being the Duchess of Manchester.

Wendy's entry into the story had came in 1992 when she made the mistake of not throwing away the gold embossed business card given to her while she waited in line at a dance club in Orange County.

On July 5th I was contacted by Jillkster through one of my websites, which, ironically, is Morgan's birthday. The revelations forthcoming were like one of the last pieces of a gnarly puzzle finally falling into place. Now, for the first time, I understood why Morgan is the way she is. My first husband, Richard, her father, might not have stuck around, thank goodness, but he left me a time bomb which must now be defused.

The Manchesters have become somewhat quiescent at this point. Some of their more outrageous posts have been removed from their badly written and highly repetitive sites as well. Since Laura, the Duchess of Manchester, lacks any sense of how inadequate her English skills are, this surprised us, leading to some speculations as to motive.

The Costs of Psychopathy

The list of people impacted is actually far larger, also including Raye Allan, my normal children, and more. The reverberations from the acts of the psychopathic are truly mind-bogglingly expensive. The estimate of 360 billion a year, as the costs extracted by psychopaths, is probably too low for the US.

So we are now going to begin approaching this in more orderly fashion, beginning with putting together the odd relationships of these individuals. We sincerely hope this exercise is educational and helps others with their extraction and recovery process.

The story, necessarily, involves a number of other people who became involved through the machinations of these very abnormal individuals. Some of these may have personality disorders themselves, but I am not a qualified expert and so express no opinion on this matter.

Recruits to the Psychopathic Conspiracy

Why would John (I-GET-PAID-TO-HELP-KARL ROVE-STEAL-ELECTIONS!) Fund have any motive for working with, or protecting, Alexander, 13th Duke of Manchester? Probably to finally shut me up. I have proven to be inconvenient for him on occasion, though I rarely wrote about him in the last several years. This will now change, of course. But Alexander, 13th Duke of Manchester, made frequent mentions of him in his messages, left on various phone message machines, along with the surprising news they attended conference calls to accomplish their goal to silence me. Their real goal was, evidently, to have me institutionalized. That would have shut me up, no doubt.

The wish of these individuals to shut me up is entirely understandable. Psychopaths cannot continue their predatory behavior if people understand what is really happening. I don't shut up.

Morgan's lies include telling people, “Mother forced me to babysit her children, what is why I could not get a job,“She stole all of my opportunities,” she did not keep supporting me long enough,” (I was Morgan's only significant support from the time she was nineteen until she turned 38.), “I have a bad heart,” and “I was really the one doing all the work on those projects.” Of course, she would be hard pressed to prove that since she does not know anything about them and, provably cannot write. Morgan told other lies which I will not here dignify by including. However, these issues are not being dropped.

There was significant coordination between all of these parties named and also what appears to be Green Hills Software, Inc., the company which assisted Craig in a successful attempt to recharacterize marital assets as his separate property at the time of our divorce in 1998. Wendy received a call from Alex telling her this attempt had failed because the attorneys decided, “There was too much material on the internet,” for it to work. The owners of the company definitely had motive for continued involvement.

Craig was still a Senior Vice President and their involvement, which had continued for over ten years, includes payoffs to the local courts in Santa Barbara. Those responsible for enforcing the law, instead, violated the law for profit.

Manchester reported to Raye Smith that he and John Fund, along with nine other individuals, had been conferencing for the purpose of bringing charges against myself on May 1, 2012. The Audio is up online and a transcript is available. Other audio tapes in which Alex claims to be working with Fund are also available, No. 1 and No. 2 on Wendy's answering machine April 28, 2012

I was guilty of publishing factual information on Manchester's mottled past, nothing more. According to Wendy, Manchester's behavior was highly unusual in attacking me at all since he had just ripped me off for writing and a website. Normally, Wendy says, he steers clear of previous victims. Replaying the voice message Manchester left for me last spring, reporting on his 'visit' to my home in California, accompanied, presumably, Craig (Incest Porn) Franklin suddenly fell into place.

It is too much to expect for anyone to dig into three long and seamy stories. So I'm going to give you a synopsis. More individuals, some unwitting, others simply very willing to profit, will be named later.

The Core Psychopaths

Morgan Pillsbury Gell was the only child of my first marriage. It appears she was born psychopathic. Her father, Richard Lee Barteaux, was both violent and disordered. Richard never had a real job and died of chronic alcoholism, while still being supported by his wealthy parents in 1993. Morgan, as it turns out, was a lot like her father, except a touch smarter, perhaps. 

More intelligence in the socially disordered is not a good thing. That Morgan is disordered herself, she has long admitted. We need not quibble over the correct diagnosis. I am not a competent authority but accept Morgan's sworn testimony, given under penalty of perjury. The 2001 deposition in which this is located has been on the internet, unchallenged by Morgan for nearly ten years on a site maintained by John Fund.

To quote Morgan, in the citied statement made about herself in the 2001 document, “I have a borderline personality disorder.

Under no circumstances should this deposition been made available to John Fund because the deposed individual has an absolute right to review and edit before the document is certified and this never took place as the case was settled. The document, properly, should have been either destroyed or remained in records, unread. This would then raise the question of how it came into Fund's hands. While we could have speculated it was given to Fund by the Green Hills Software, Inc., counsel we need not speculate in this case.

The chain of custody went from the Green Hills Software, Inc., counsel to Craig Franklin, who then mailed the document to John Fund. Craig conveyed this fact to his then girl friend, Anne Fisher, who later told me for publication, as and when I choose. Anne also provided copious letters, emails, and photos, to be used at my discretion. Anne commented the document, which she did not see but which Craig described to her, was in a Green Hills envelope with postage paid by Green Hills. So cooperation between Franklin and Fund in dealing with Morgan, who I was then supporting, is of long standing and points to an ongoing relationship in which Green Hills Software, Inc., participated.

The 2001 deposition was given just before I settled a law suit with Green Hills Software, Inc. in 2001. A little more than a year earlier Morgan had recorded a conversation with Craig, wherein he boasted and complained their fraud had not worked as well as planned. But, clearly he and Green Hills Software, Inc., by crook or book (read this: fraud carried out one way or another) intended I should be left penniless after appearing to follow the order of the court, which ordered I be given a small portion of what I was actually owed.

Morgan made the recording because her relationship with Fund was foundering and she was, evidently, queasy about continuing in her relationship with Craig. There was no future in it. She well knew she could not marry Craig, and without marriage, and a prenup, she had no security. Morgan had no intention of working for a living, and no skills to support the life style she hankered to enjoy. Her life-plan is well documented by her series of relationships with wealthy and influential men, these including affairs with Eddy van Halen, Eugene Volokh, and John Fund.

She needed help and conned me into believing her using the Weasel Search Tape, - Transcript,recorded just a few weeks earlier, and 1999 tape, thus betraying first Fund and then Franklin, who had each betrayed her. Stabbing each other in the back is standard operating procedure for psychopaths.

In 1999 my function, as envisioned by Morgan, was to force Fund to marry her. Despite the seeming craziness, she continued to want this for at least several years. She doubtless felt she had brought him down, now all she needed someone to hold him so she could finish the evisceration process.

The 1999 transcript and 2001 deposition were chilling for me to reread now. Normal people do not watch others beaten without taking action, especially when the person being beaten is their mother. Morgan did just this and, recalling the incident, I realize she showed no concern for me at the time, or later. You can miss this with a concussion.

Morgan was raised by my parents, at the wish of my mother, who lived to regret it, but not enough to understand how bad it really was. My father stopped supporting her the moment Mother died and expressed doubts about her behavior which, grew only more pointed over the years.

A. Craig Franklin pursued me, evidently, because he has had, since his teens, incest fantasies and I had three beautiful and nubile daughters, exactly the focus of the fantasies I learned about only after he left me. Craig insisted on adopting the children and did everything possible to make sure their biological father, my former husband, was out of their lives. Notarized Document signed by Ron Foster (AKA Kellett) giving up his parental rights. Craig's will, naming the children as his own. Craig is a computer programmer who would have been a billionaire if not for his inability to file his taxes and cope with authority. This can be credited to his very controlling father. I was useful because I saved him from the IRS. Craig's behavior fits the definition of psychopathy very neatly.

Alexander Charles David Drogo Montagu, 13th Duke of Manchester was diagnosed as having psychopathic tendencies in 1984 by the psychiatrist, a Dr. Williamson, who provided this information to Montagu's attorney, Z. Varzseghy. Williamson had seen him in the wake of a series of violent incidents in Australia. The diagnosis appears in this transcript, bottom of page nine, from a court hearing taking place September 6, 1984. One of these incidents was attempting to shoot his wife with a speargun. The transcript is a real candidate for a one act play, with no editing whatsoever.

Manchester's strategy is to write bad checks, claim to be about to receive vast amounts of money, and look for suckers impressed by the title. I postulate Fund and Franklin did not realize how illiterate he actually is when allying themselves with him. Morgan is not literate enough to discern the difference.

Manchester was couch surfing when he met and entrapped Wendy Buford into a relationship. Soon, he was living with her, using her car while she was at work, and looking forward to starting a flow of income from the Manchester Trusts through payments made to support his children.

Coming Next: Unexpected Alliances

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