Saturday, December 1, 2012

Lord Belmont in Northern Ireland comments

This on point commentary from Lord Belmont In Northern Ireland regarding Alex, 13th Duke of Manchester is reproduced, in part, and linked to his blog, where it originally appeared. 

Lord Belmont In Northern Ireland

The surname of the most noble house of Montagu was anciently written in Latin, de Monte Acuto, and in English, Montacute; but the origin was, nevertheless, Montagu, from the town of that name in Normandy.
Sir Edward Montagu, Knight, was held in the highest esteem and favour with his sovereign, HENRY VIII. 
Sir Henry Montagu, an illustrious politician and judge under JAMES I, was elevated to the peerage; and, on the accession of CHARLES I, his lordship was advanced to an earldom, as Earl of Manchester.

Tandragee Castle, in County Armagh, was a seat of the Dukes.

Alexander Charles David Drogo [Montagu], 13th Duke of Manchester, born in Australia, has brought the proud name of his illustrious family into disrepute.  
His scandal-ridden life has thus far seen him married three times, imprisoned twice in Australia, deported from Canada and exposed as a bigamist.
But, even now, in his 50th year, he shows no sign of tempering his infamously erratic behaviour.
Currently living on Newport Beach, California, with his third and current wife Laura, Alexander Montagu, whose four-times married father, the 12th Duke, was jailed for fraud, he has launched a bizarre and outrageous attack on the Royal Family.
He accuses the royal family of being behind the death of Alisa Dmitrijeva, the 17-year-old Latvian student, whose body was discovered on the Sandringham estate over Christmas. 

‘The Royal Family has a lot of power and will do whatever they can to cover up any sort of embarrassment, even if the victim is 100 per cent in the write (sic) and has the legal documentation to prove this,’ he claims. 
‘The Royal Family does whatever they can do to cover [up] anything they can stop. ‘Maybe people should look into the cameras around Sandringham around the Queen’s property.’

His behaviour comes as little surprise to his former wife Wendy, 44, who married him without any idea he was still wed to his first wife, Marion Stoner: 

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