Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Ducal Ranting Returns to the Jackson Tapes Stolen from Wendy

Alexander, 13th Duke of Manchester again emerged yesterday to claim he has been served with a lawsuit for an ever changing number of millions of dollars because Wendy, or Melinda, put up a video of Michael Jackson playing with Alex, Jr. in 1997. 

Little Alex was then four. It was a happy time for little Alex with no bad memories, which he affirmed when interviewed in 2011 as an adult.

The video is the property of Wendy Montagu, the former Duchess, given to her with others by her then husband, Alex, in 2003 for their tenth anniversary. Alex stole the set of videos along with all of Wendy's property when he falsely claimed she had assaulted him in January of 2007.

Ignoring the orders of the court Alex, who then had about a million dollars in the bank, sold Wendy's property and pocketed the money but kept the videos and photos of their children to hurt her.

It was a divorce from hell. These articles tell you the whole story, with documents and other evidence.

But there is always an element of truth in the vitriol Alex spews.

His relations with Michael Jackson were anything but cordial. First, Alex attempted to coerce Jackson into buying a plane he did not want. Jackson stopped taking his calls over this. Then, in 2005 the Duke attempted to profit from the lawsuit filed against Jackson.

Believing there would be many litigants, not only the one who ended up suing Jackson and losing to lack of evidence of wrong doing on Jackson's part, Alex gave a deposition in anticipation of joining the suit. When he realized how exposed he would be because of the lack of litigants and because his wife, Wendy, would never have lied to support his declaration, he claimed Jackson had threatened him. This made major news on MSNBC.

25 -  NBC News by Mike Taibbi  Jackson witness says he’s been threatened 
Montagu claims caller has told him to stay away from trial.  
20 - The Declaration made by Alexander, Duke of Manchester, on the abuse of
                         his son by Jackson was entered into the court record.

Wendy had not seen the videos in years later in 2011 when Alex decided he would try to sell the Jackson tapes. He asked me to help him prepare the tapes for sale. Preparations and legal protections were in place when Alex decided he had found a better deal with someone who would finish the sale for a smaller fee. He had also refused to pay for the website I built for him with which they were entirely satisfied.
Knowing he had no money I decided not to even file in small claims court. But evidently in the interim Duke Alex had gotten to know my former husband, Craig Franklin, and decided to assist him in his continuing attempts to leave me “homeless on the street, pushing a shopping cart,” this being his expressed wish.

Craig is a sexual pervert who is constantly seeking women he can impregnate so he can have incestuous relations with a child. He had been very unhappy with me because I put of evidence of his activities.

Back to the tapes. Later I discovered the tapes were already in public domain. They had been published on YouTube as early as September 18, 2009.

But at least Wendy received a copy of her own video.

I wrote an article titled, Michael Jackson - Stalked by a psychopath,” published April 20, 2012 about what had transpired.

A short time later I was contacted by Raven from the Jackson Fansite, All for Love Blog for permission to republish and write an additional article. Raven's article, “Stalking Michael Jackson-Psychopath In Action”: How Melinda Pillsbury-Foster’s Important Article Can Help Us To Better Understand The Craziness Of Michael Jackson’s Life-Literally!, is a great extension of my earlier article, showing how vulnerable those in the public eye can be to the psychopathic.

So what is the Duke raving about on the phone message received by his daughter?

Perhaps the Jacksons think it is time to deliver some slap down to the Ducal Dolt. If so, good luck to them.   But they should not count of collecting since Duke Alex is judgment proof.

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