Wednesday, August 13, 2014

And the Ducal Meltdown Continues........

(And now we will speculate on what is actually happening here.)

The Email below was received on Sunday, August 10, 2014, sent on Saturday night, August 9th, to Wendy, but intended for Laura. Curiously, when Wendy looked for it later it had disappeared. To say neither Alex or Laura are computer savvy is to badly understate the case.

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P Laura I love my kids so I'll leave home I want you to have the best of the lot they were crazy in my life and my love for them I want to see my children so I have reached my keys Laura I also have full custody of the children and lawyers and presages come and collect the children for me and bring them to me they will do it I don't want to hurt you I don't want to hurt anyone that you're hurting yourself lucky green Uranim be involved with this crazy movie in the woman and her psychotic grandma please I am making arrangements now be able to have the keys for the days”

Possible Meaning:
It sounds like Alex's meltdown had reach the point where Laura is considering leaving him, a rare, rational move on her part, if so. But it also could be the Duke has confused Laura and Wendy, or has lost all sense of the passing of time.

It also sounds like Laura has decided it is not safe to let Alex have the keys to the car they are sharing. 
The comment about the lucky green Uranim (sic) (I THINK he means uranium, could be ominous.

Tuesday Night, August 12, 2014,  these were received by both his daughter and Wendy.

But must of all I love you ash and Zanda I know we're Zanda lives and works but I Do not want to Up set him Him or cause him in Comfort so I do not it is very concearning how he goes THROUGHT so many jobs I hope he does not get fired I really pray for my kids not to be fuck ups like my self it would be good if he joined the air force or navy if he did he would get free collage and for the rest of his life free 100% medical and a very Descent pension for ever and for his kids he does not have to be a pilot he does not even have to have pass hi school because they will help him and After he gets out he will be able to get a great job this also goes for you ash but I beg you do not go into marines or army as you have more chance to being killed I love you and care four h You my darling children also when you join they give you 50to60 thousand Just for joining I love you both my darlings “

Possible Meaning:
The text message received from Alex above can be viewed as an illustration of how psychopaths attempt to reframe reality (lie) to themselves and others. While the court granted Alex 'custody' this did not include any physical custody. Alex stopped seeing the children over five years ago and his calls were all manipulation. He sent no gifts, did not remember holidays, and ignored them unless he was desperate for money. 

Then, he tried to manipulate them in attempts to get them to live with him so he could have received the support money supplied by the Manchester Trust.

There is also a certain self-reality taking place here since he calls himself a fuck up. But it is also pathetic because he has not the faintest idea what Alex, Jr. is doing. He does not know if he is in college, working, or even if he has enlisted or won a Nobel Prize.

And another Message from Alex received by his daughter and Wendy the same night. 

Here is some good news Laura and I are divorced thAnks to here other and brother but Laura and Here sister were joint prosteftutrs and I have there criminal record from England and LA they did joint Work so rep sheet days”

Possible Meaning:

If they are divorced why is Laura still posting materials intended to entirely misrepresent the reality they are living? Pause for a moment to consider a Reality Show based on the Duke and Duchess of Manchester. Shudder. That was enough.

Here is the latest from Laura's Flickr Stream, a tutorial on the peerage, clearly copied from someplace on the web.

FROM Laura's Flickr Page: 

Duke: The highest rank and title in the British peerage, first introduced by Edward III in 1337 when he created the Black Prince the first English duke. A Duke is “Most Noble”; he is styled “My Lord Duke” and “Your Grace” and all his younger sons are “Lor”

(Laura stopped right in the middle of the word Lord. HERE is the source of her sudden expertise.)

Duke and Duchess at the top, as husbands and wife's
A Countess is wife to an Earl,
Marquess, Marchioness
Baron, Baroness”

Then comes the astonishing revelation about Laura's past. We can dismiss the idea they are divorced, unless Rayelan paid for it yet again.

Alex seems to be saying: 

“Here is some good news Laura and I are divorced thanks to her(e) (m)other brother. (Period added) (New Sentence constructed for clarity) But Laura and Her (e) sister were joint (Alex could mean both of them here) prosteftutrs (I suspect Alex was defeated by the too complex spelling of the word, prostitutes) and I have there (their) criminal record from England and LA(.) (We intervene and stop the run on sentence) (T) (provide a capitalization of the T in they) They did joint (the same) Work since ‘rap’ sheet days. Please let us know if you have any other idea of Alex means to convey.  

In Conclusion:
And now, we have a suggestion. It really sounds as if it would be best for the Manchester Trust and, or, Lady Mary Montagu and her son, Kimble, to intervene at this point in time.  

Perhaps institutionalization should be sought for Alex. 

After all, Alex has proven himself to be potentially dangerous to others and certainly to the English language.

All best,

The Site Managers

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