Thursday, April 4, 2013

Speedy Car Loan is still waiting for their money - Hearing set for April 16th

Robert Lambsom, owner of Speedy Car Loans in Las Vegas said, when interviewed for this article, they finally found the SUV for which the loan had been made to Alexander, 13th Duke of Manchester, in the parking garage of the Aliante Hotel and Casino in North Las Vegas, a month and a half to two months after he took the vehicle.

Alexander, the Duke, had been making excuses for some time after his check bounced.

Then Robert regained possession of the car the transmission had been replaced with one which was junk, just junk.

Recalling his interactions with Alexander, 13th Duke of Manchester, Robert recalled the vehicle Manchester had arrived in when he arranged his speedy loan was a Galant so old and decrepit it had to be held together with bungi cords.

He was surprised about the transmission, but anyone who knows Alex would not have been. Pouring concrete down the plumbing, removing all the built in appliances, and other parting shots are routine for the Ducal Dolt, according to many including his former wife, Wendy Montagu, from whom he stole every single item of value in her possession, leaving her with debts, debts, and more debts. Just so, he said, he would remember him.

Robert said he had wondered if Alex was lying about being a duke. I confirmed to him during our interview the title is probably the only thing real about Alex. He also wanted to know if Alex actually ever had money, which he never has, except when he splurged through the money received from the sale of the  Manchester Jewels around 2005.  

Since then, it has been back to frauding and conning, as usual. 

But Robert would be surprised to discover it was not Wendy to called to tell him where the car was to be found. When I inquired Wendy said Alex always seems to routinely use her name in this kind of circumstance, just in case the call might be traced, probably. 

Evidently, Alex hoped finding the car would put an end to the matter.  Robert had persisted in calling always to be told the car would be returned. But bringing it in himself could have resulted in notice being taken of the minor issue of the change in transmission.  Therefore, someone, probably Laura, called, pretending to be Wendy.

At this point, Robert Lambsom is looking forward to getting justice, and the money owed before the court date on April 16th. We wish him good luck on that, he will need it. 

And what is Alex doing now?  How often can he move?  Is the title, Duke of Manchester still any kind of an asset, or given how he has depreciated its value, has he changed his made to  Harvey Lackluster?  Is Laura still hanging in there?  Have they gone off to live with Craig Franklin in his condo in Laguna Niguel?  Or, perhaps, Dan (Drone Boy) ODowd and Amy found a use for the Ducal Duo, or one of the other Green Hills Vice Presidents, for instance Dave Chandler or David Kleidermacher.  

Craig may, himself, be getting a little lonely, we can only hope. 

Only time will tell.  

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