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NBC News By Mike Taibbi 3/25/2005 Jackson witness says he’s been threatened

Jackson witness says he’s been threatened

Montagu claims caller has told him to stay away from trial 

NBC News
A member of the British aristocracy who has been subpoenaed to testify for the prosecution in the Michael Jackson child molestation case told NBC News' Mike Taibbi that he has received threats telling him to stay away from the trial.

Lord Alex Montagu, who is listed in Burkes Peerage as Viscount Mandeville Baron Montagu Alexander Charles David Drogo Montagu and as the Duke of Manchester on his passport, spoke exclusively with NBC News, in violation of Judge Rodney Melville's gag order, because he says he has received telephone threats.
According to Montagu, the caller told him “to leave the country and don't come back until after the hearing.
“I've had the front of my house vandalized, I've had my car tires slashed,” Montagu said. He doesn't know who's responsible for the threats and vandalism.

Montagu has been subpoenaed to testify because of his and his son Alexander's experiences with Michael Jackson at the singer's Neverland Ranch in the late ’90s.

Melville is expected to rule on Monday whether testimony about prior accusations of molestation against the singer can be used in evidence in this trial. If Melville does allow such testimony, Montagu could be a very important witness for District Attorney Thomas Sneddon. According to NBC News, his testimony would complement other available stories about Jackson referring to wine as “Jesus juice” and about the singer and his friendships with young boys. MORE

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