Saturday, March 31, 2012

About this site and its mission

Articles about the Duke and his colorful personal life have appeared in the major media for years now.
Over time the claims, counter claims, and strangeness of the ducal behavior has raised questions as to the his Grace's mental state. Questions demand answers.

This site is a secondary repository for articles, interviews, photographs, and other materials which allow the inquiring mind to discover the truth of the matter. 

By multiple reports the present holder of the title, Duke of Manchester, uses this honorable appellation in ways never intended by those who accepted the honor from the Crown and passed in to their descendants.
Splendor and Squalor by Marcus Scriven, a journalist writing in England, provides insight into the recent generations of the House of Manchester, which sold the estate over two generations ago. The income of the present Duke from the Manchester Trusts does not even qualify him as 'middle class,' and the cause is the indiscriminate spending and profligacy of previous generations. 

If you have further information on the Duke and his present wife, Laura (nee Smith) please contact us. We will be delighted to interview you.

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