Wednesday, February 8, 2017

UPDATE: Man claiming to be Duke of Manchester sentenced 3:49 PM, Sep 1, 2016 3:46 PM, Feb 7, 2017

From:  13 Action News

On the issue of where Laura has gone:  It is likely she is in Laguna Beach with her Aunt and looking for another, less tumultuous, position.  She should remember jobs are available at the local McDonalds.  

UPDATE ON FEB. 07: The man who claimed to be the Duke of Manchester has been sentenced to up to 30 months in jail. 53-year-old Alexander Mantagu-Manchester was accused of numerous misdemeanor and felonies, including filing a false police report. He was sentenced on 166 counts total.
LAS VEGAS (AP) -- Defense attorneys are seeking the release from jail of the Australian-born 13th Duke of Manchester, who has been in custody for nearly three weeks in Las Vegas on felony and misdemeanor criminal charges.
One of Alexander Montagu-Manchester's court-appointed lawyers, Robert O'Brien, said Thursday that his attorneys are concerned about his medical condition.
O'Brien says they'll ask a judge on Friday for his release on the grounds of "medical necessity."
Montagu-Manchester has been jailed since Aug. 12 on a felony false police report charge that a judge said violated terms of his release on a previous burglary charge.  MORE

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