Sunday, October 16, 2016

The Personal Genesis of this site

Alexander, 13th Duke of Manchester, married to one Laura Smith, previously a spinster, until their marriage in 2007, are two of the co-conspirators joined with others, to be named in moving papers, of a conspiracy carried out to cover up an original conspiracy by the president and senior vice president of a corporation profiting from the War in Iraq from the time of its inception. 

The specific acts carried out by one member of a criminal conspiracy accrue to all of those involved over the entire period. 

This site has allowed me to further document these acts and acquire evidence. 

Additionally, numerous individuals have thanked me for ensuring the evidence was available thus allowing them to avoid being defrauded or otherwise harmed.   

These facts, with audio and film, will eventually be provided to the public on our show, now being planned,  on Hi TV Networks. 

Stay tuned for announcements or sign up using the contact form. 

                                             All best - and thanks for following this site. 

The book, which will include all of the co-conspirators, titled Defend Yourself Against Psychopaths, will include the exclusive interviews with Alex, recorded from September - October 2011. 


  1. Full House for the Unlucky 13th Duke of Manchester in the Clark County Jail. The Duke got a 3 of a kind in the criminal court system. DUI, Attempted Stolen Auto, Attempted Burglary. Even he couldn't overcome the odds. He bet against himself by breaking into a home and getting caught red handed with the loot. His batty uneducated and unsophisticated wife continues to stick up for him and attacks the victims of his many many crimes - over the course of many years. Laura Smith of Holly, Michigan married the Duke in the hopes of wearing the crown however, it is just as unlucky for her. With zero education and the inability to form proper sentences and understand a 3rd grade vocabulary, it appears as if her efforts would have been better by getting her a proper education. This wife cannot possibly hold any titles with any crowns due to her inability to speak at a higher level of conversation than that of a 3rd grader. Poor Alex and Laura, they just pass themselves off as two boobs allowing their stories to unravel and eat with what they feel are common folk. Being labeled by the press as fraudsters and drug addicts, bigamists and predators; the Duke and Doxie of Manchester are a disgrace - not only to their own country of Manchester England, but to their families and their communities. If you see them - RUN, hide your purse, close your wallet. They for sure will be living their live out of the toilet. Laura, the wife of this man is old and aged. She has more wrinkles than most and her skin is saggy and leathery from picking through other's trash for a bite to eat and a few things she can sell. She has been accused of shoplifting to have something new and her hubby, the Duke, well - he's just a common thief breaking into others homes to swipe easy things to pawn. There time has come to an end with little Alex - wearing a gps monitor tracking device that records his every step. So? Will Laura start prostituting herself again? At 60 years old, it's doubtful she can find a buyer. Will Laura begin to steal from others - possible, but she risks getting caught and worse- going to jail. Will Alex break probation and end up back in the pokey - This is the biggest probability. Being a drug addict and a thief and having a long history of criminal trespassing and activity, I don't see him changing. He thinks he can out smart the system, but always ends up in trouble. Will their children ever speak to them again? Highly doubtful - who would want to admit these crooks were family, let alone friends. Will Laura ever show a real picture of herself and instead keep using her teen modeling photos? I'm sure Laura will be showing her teen photos for the rest of her life and hiding in the bungalow of disease that her partner in crime's trust fund can only afford. Will they stay together or finally divorce - It's clear they are made for each other and birds of a feather. I predict Alex will eventually do her in for some insurance monies now that he cannot steal for a living. his cons are all run out. He's not even a successful criminal. His own country is glad he has left and wishes he would just get run over by a car. He is insanely jealous of his past 2 ex wives. They have loving and happy and secure lives. Alex and Laura's life has been built in a sand castle on shaky group where they thought their reptile like split tongues would be enough to take advantage of women and children. HA HA HA and now look at them. A bigger disgrace in this country than in England.

  2. Possibly, we can deport these two criminals one day to the land of oz, down the yellow brick road and into the field of poppies where they can have a nice long sleep and spare all of us from having the stank of their rotting minds - burning nothing but shitty ideas and impossible scenarios of success. They have tried their best to malign all of those that caught on to their schemes, Melinda Pillsbury Foster for one. Melinda backed them both in a corner and refused to let up. Finally, the truth has come out as Alex Manchester Montagu, Duke of nothing has admitted to the courts his guilt and pled to being a "common" a "very common" criminal without the brain power to escape being caught. LOL Melinda wiped you two, she won, she proved that everything she said was true and everything you said was false. WAY TO GO MELINDA!

    1. Thanks, Anonymous, and sorry for the delay in responding which I explain on the RMN site. The process of outing these folks has been a real education, one I intend to pass on to others. Have a wonderful Easter! Melinda