Monday, June 9, 2014

STOP THE PRESSES!!!!! Laura, Duchess of Manchester acknowledges the existance of Marion Stoner

Well, well, well..............

Laura finally acknowledges that Marion Stoner exists and was married to Alex, 13th Duke of Manchester.  Of course, this also proves the logic of dates and previous protests of the non-existence of Marion is beyond her. 

Flickr Page with the Evidence 

The date of this document and the notation at the top left indicate this is one page from a request for documents made in 1992 when Alex was living with Wendy and she was pregnant with his child. 

We surmise these documents were faxed from the office of  Lady Emma Montagu as Wendy  heard she was working for a travel agency.  Therefore, it is likely Turtle Holidays was the  company for which she worked.   

The family in Australia was most likely worried because they knew Alex had not obtained a divorce and therefore steps were taken to ensure the legal status of the baby to be born was regularized.  Emma tried to get the ball rolling but it stopped dead on Alex's lack of action.

An APPLICATION is not a divorce, though we understand these fine points are hard for Laura and Alex to grasp.  

Good for Lady Mary and Lady Emma, God rest her soul.  Another black eye for Alex, the Lout. 

But, naturally, Alex continued on his merry way, lying to Wendy, falsifying the marriage license by stating he had never been married or had an annulment of marriage.  

Then, in 1996, he grudgingly signed the papers and sent them back but failed to go through another marriage with Wendy.  In fact, until he thought he could grab the money alloted to the children by the Manchester Trust in 2009, he never mentioned the matter.  

Fraud, fraud, fraud.  Bigamy, Bigamy.  And also stupidity. 

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