Monday, June 2, 2014

Alex and Laura Surface in Laguna Beach and Laguna Nigel

Stop the Presses!  

A curious fact has surfaced modifying the reliability of the posting of June 1st on Flickr cited below.  

Alex's daughter, Ashley, received a phone call from the Duke on the 1st saying Laura had left him and he is going to kill himself.   So, why was the material posted on Flickr by Laura?  

We will keep you updated. 

 Having flown the coop and not shown up for his hearing in the courtroom of  Judge Zimmerman on May 28th Alex and Laura surface in Laguna Beach, Ca.  
Stating on Laura's Flickr page they were there and clearly having a wonderful time staying with Laura's relatives it is equally likely they can be found at the home of Craig Franklin in Laguna Nigel. 
The link to the Flickr page is HERE.

Note this is not Laura's family home.  She was raised in Michigan under conditions she prefers to forget. The home belongs to her aunt, if her statements to me in mid 2011 are to be believed.  
The rest of the text is old, old history on the Manchester family when later generations had not yet destroyed any valid claim to nobility. 

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