Friday, May 30, 2014

BENCH WARRANT ISSUED - The Duke and Duchess are on the lamb

Duke Alex failed to appear for arraignment last Wednesday, May 28th at 8am in Department Eight D for Las Vegas Township Justice Court in front of Judge Ann E. Zimmerman.  

His attorney was present and the case was finally called at 9am.  

He was to be arraigned on the original charge of passing a bad check in November, 2011,
Case No. 11F21867X

Judge Zimmerman's assistant told us this morning he failed to make the second payment of $600, as agreed, resulting in the issuance of the bench warrant.  

And, wait......Alex has something to say.  Here is his text to Wendy, his ex-wife, mother of his two children, and the  former Duchess. 

Wendy texted him to ask when she heard a bench warrant had been issued. 

" There are no warrants for me any were paid thing in Nevada but you should remember what I promised would happen and it is people from Madrid you have posted lies about me on the internet and Legally you are going down I have lawyers going to visit Ashley and Zanda your biggest mistake alianation not even god can help you You will end up in hell with rest of family."  

Alex always makes death threats when he is feeling trapped.  

Thanks for checking in, Alex!  

We will keep you updated on developments.   

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