Saturday, May 17, 2014

And The Duke of Dreary Again Surfaces. Hearing coming up!

 Court Date - May   28 - Case No. 11F21867X -8:00am
                               Judge Ann E. Zimmerman
                               Regional Justice Center near 200 Lewis Ave, Las Vegas, NV
                               Arraignment on original charge, passing a bad check.  

And they appear from the depths - 

Wendy contacted me today with the news she had received a voice message (scroll down, to the right) from Alex, 13th Duke of Manchester on her answering machine at work.

It is so much like previous messages as to cause me to wonder if Alex is a flesh and blood person or a tape recorder.

Custody – Alex claims Wealthy Individuals, this time physicians, are panting to pay for a law suit against Wendy and the Manchester Trusts.

He then seamlessly segues into the long whine about Wendy having 'alienated' the children, who are now 21 and almost 15. He has not seen either of them for five years or bothered to send either of them a card. Each of them has made it clear they want nothing to do with him and are mature enough, according to the law, to make that determination.  

Alex said, with conviction, he has been assured by his attorney in Anaheim that he will certainly get custody and Wendy will have to pay, pay, pay for her wrong doings.

This, again,  demonstrates the psychopathic characteristic of endless revisions of reality. Facts are not relevant to the disordered. 

Bigamy – Also on the agenda of the heavily funded law suit by these frenzied physician fans is the subject of his first marriage. Again, Alexander, 13th Duke of Manchester, says this never happened and he never heard of Marion Jane Stoner Montagu.

No one believes this. Documentary evidence is available for the original marriage and for the divorce. The Stoner Story 

Marion certainly wishes she had never heard of him! When the divorce finally took place in 1996 Alex's mother, Lady Mary Montagu, had to hunt Marion down and, according to her, persuade her to file the papers. We surmise Lady Mary paid all expenses and for her time, which seems more than fair. 

                        9 - Papers are filed for Montagu v. Stoner divorce 
                              Application for Non-Payment of Filing Fees  
-Alex, at the insistence of his mother, Lady Mary Montagu, agrees to
                          cooperate in a  divorce from his first wife, Marion Stoner Montagu. He has
                          been bigamously married to Wendy Buford Montagu for over three years.
                             Although ordered to do so by his mother Alex does not repair matters and
                          remarry Wendy.
                              Record of Proceeding/Outcome Sheet 
                        28 - Divorce becomes  absolute
                              Certified Divorce Decree

Slightly disguised Threats – Duke Alex also said he had driven by the place where Alex, Jr., now 21 works but did not go in because he, “did not want to embarrass him,” Since when was that a consideration for Alexander, 13th Duke of Manchester?

But then Alex, 13th Duke of Manchester, said he did a drive-by on the homes of Wendy's parents, carefully telling her where they live. His voice changed, as always, when he did this.

Wendy said she would not have bothered to send me the audio tape with this exchange memorialized but for the flaring nostrils and shrill tones displayed by Laura, Duchess of Manchester, who later accused Wendy of stalking her husband because Wendy had the audacity to return his call.

Which leads us to ponder - Why did this call take place?

Alexander, 13th Duke of Manchester appears to be incensed over the elimination of his august personage by his family in Australia as they formulated the obsequies which appeared in The Sydney Morning Herald on May 2, 2014.

The obituary appears below in its entirety. 


Emma Louise Eveleen

Passed away peacefully April 29, 2014.

Loving mother of Nicholas and William. Cherished daughter of Mary and Angus (dec) Loving sister of Kimble.

Emma's family and friends are warmly invited to attend her Funeral Service to be held at All Saints Church, 85 Ocean St, Woollahra on Monday May 12, 2014 at 11.00am.

In Lieu of flowers please consider a donation to the Heart and Lung Transplant Unit, St Vincents Hospital. - See more at:

Please accept our sincere condolences and prayers for Emma's family and friends. By all reports she was a kind and loving woman who bore much pain and heartbreak with rare courage.

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