Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Who is an Old Lady Contest


The Who is an Old Lady Contest has announcements to make.

This will be judged on the basis of chronological age, appearance and by which of the contestants accomplishes the most in their dotage, not begun.  

Morgan set the race in motion by claiming Melinda and Wendy are Old Ladies. But, by the implied definition Morgan is an old lady her self and very likely, like Laura, approaching menopause.

Wendy Buford Montagu was born July 15, 1967. Still fertile!

Morgan was born July 5, 1967, a day which will live in infamy for myself and my entire family. Not fertile. 

Laura was born September 12, 1962.  Arguably, very not fertile. 

Wendy wins the I-Am-Not-An-Old-Lady Contest. She also declines to discuss her love life, a good move on her part. You know, Wendy could be happily married or engaged and neither of the Old Ladies in the Middle, namely Morgan and Laura, would even know. But I do. SMILE

Melinda was born October 26, 1948 and is glad the biologically reproductive part of her life is complete.

Off Spring  

Melinda  wins the How Many Babies Sweepstakes with Six to Wendy and Morgan at two each and Laura – 0. 

Now, I supplied Laura with a Melinda-just-out-of-bed photo some months ago. I suggest she and Morgan stop using photos more than 20 years old and supply us with something taken in the last year before make-up is applied.  

Inquiring Minds want to know what the two of you actually look like.

Further Productivity

My resume is online HERE
Wendy has been gainfully employed for over 25 years.Alex can vouch for this as Wendy supported him for 15 of those years. 

Laura has no resume she is willing to reveal. 

Morgan, reportedly, has a job at Walmart and lied about everything else.

So, send in facts for publication. We eagerly await same. 


Regarding your entirely inaccurate comment as to 'stalking' and other inappropriate behaviors I repeat, for those reading this, that it is Morgan and Laura who have engaged in payment for slander and libel.  Wendy and I just tell the truth and suggest Morgan and Laura try this some time.   

Aging is a normal part of life, one all of us must accept and with which each of us must come to terms.  

 Laura, Duchess of Manchester, at ease on the Beach.

Morgan, enjoying refreshing exercise at home.


  1. Never let go of your dreams and keep on inspiring people :)

    1. Thanks for the comment. Dreams can become reality with enough effort. Be well.