Friday, March 22, 2013


A call to the Las Vegas Court this morning ascertained the hearing on the matter of Alexander, 13th Duke of Manchester regarding his passing a bad check to obtain a car, heard in January, will now be subject to a Status Hearing to ascertain if Alex and Laura came up with the cash to reimburse the car loan folks, plus costs.  

There is no truth to the rumor Dan (Drone Boy) O'Dowd, offered to send them a drone, to be used to hit the Las Vegas Court where Judge Cynthia Cruz will be hearing Alex's excuses. 

Hearing will take place:  April 16th at 8am.

And here is a new feature, begun last night on our Drone Series with Dan (Drone Boy) O'Dowd

NEW FEATURE - A Dan and Craig Moment

Craig can be annoying.  Probably even now that he is living down South, nearly in San Diego, Dan twitches when thinking about those loose lips which sink ships.  
Dan Boy loves drones, they, and other WarTech have made him rich, rich, rich!  But all is not well in Drone Boy Land.  Craig just can't shut up.  
Imagine for a moment a Drone Boy fantasy....."Craig, we're doing a special job for the military and we need you.  You can bring your guitar and people around the world will be listening without turning down the sound as you play.  I've even arranged for you to be on C-Span - Live, for awhile, anyway. "
"Wow!  Sounds great, Dan, a real performance?  People will listen without the glue on the seats?"  
"Yes, they will Craig.  And it will blow your mind and I'll be watching, too.  You are going to be an embedded system."

Craig tears up a little.  Dan has never come to any of his performances.  He didn't even come to the Reason Dinner or to his Roast, which Craig paid for himself.

"Aw, Dan....I don't know how to thank you."  

Dan smiles. 

"I've been planning this for you and I want you to know it is Green Hills Software's finest moment - except for some of those in Afghanistan."  

Stay tuned for more adventures with Dan, Amy Craig and other folks from Green Hills! 

All's fair in war, and with the highly disordered.  And in Drone Boy Land there are NO non-combatants. 

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