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First Marriage of Alexander, 13th Duke of Manchester

First Marriage to Marion Stoner 

March 17, 1984         - Marriage of Alexander Montagu to Marion Stoner     
                                     Marriage Certificate
August 31, 1984        - Applicationfor Separation  
September 5, 1984   - Request for Restraining Order 
September 6, 1984   - Transcriptof Proceedings
September 19, 1984 CourtOrder extending previous order of court, made September 6th, 
                                        until 2nd of  October.
October 2, 1984         - CourtOrder October 2, 1984  Alexander is restrained from molesting,
                                        assaulting, abusing, intimidating, harassing or in any way interfering 
                                        with the wife. 
August 9, 1996          – Applicationfor Divorce 
                                        Application for Non-Payment of Filing Fees
October 28, 1996      - CertifiedDivorce Decree

After filing for separation Marion never saw Alex again and never used the title, Lady Montagu.

Quote from letter written by Mary Montagu to Wendy Buford Montagu in 2011 - “I had absolutely no knowledge of any alleged marriage ceremony entered into with that Stoner woman until I was approached at my workplace, well after you were "married" and I believe Alexander would have been about 4 at the time.

If Mary believed all was well why the 'married' emphasis? Marion tells a different story.

Quote from letter written by Mary Montagu to Wendy Buford Montagu in 2011 - “The woman was then in her late 40s and had teenage children - she had been in a very long term relationship which led me, my attorneys and employer at the time to believe it had been a total set-up and scam.”

From court documents regarding Marion Stoner's previous relationship: "lived in a defacto relationship with Con Sorensen for twelve years."  The documents also says the two children were Lisa Marie, born December 5, 1969, and Daniel Frederick Sorensen, born July 10, 1973.

An examination of the court papers shows these facts in evidence and not matters of dispute among the parties. Marion would have been in her late 40's in 1996 when the divorce took place. The children of the marriage would have been in their late teens or older by then. Evidently, Alex did not send his family members invitations to the wedding. Please note his behavior is very much at variance with what is 'normal' in more ways than it is possible to count so this is not really surprising.

Quote from letter written by Mary Montagu to Wendy Buford Montagu in 2011 - “And although I do not believe anything that Alexander says these days I believe that at barely 20 at a BBQ party he was tricked into "let's all pretend to get married".” 

Note: Alex's mother does not believe anything he says. But apparently the marriage to Marion and cascade of events thereafter missed her notice, though she was a working journalist and also employed by the local constabulary in some capacity. Now, I don't believe she did not know. Notice this article, from 1985, mentions the divorce, which has not yet happened, also quoting Mary rather extensively. Mary and Alexander: It's a title fight.

Quote from letter written by Mary Montagu to Wendy Buford Montagu in 2011 - “I have the legal papers signed by the woman at the time accepting the "blackmail" amount in full and final settlement.   Norman and Parke held the legal papers.”

Note: Mary did not inform Wendy, who was substantially impacted by this evasion.

Facts obtained through study of court records
Marion Stoner says she had two children from a previous relationship. The name of her previous partner is given as Con Sorensen. She had never been married. Application for Separation  

One of these children, a girl, was handicapped. This is the child who Alex threw off the stairs and otherwise abused, according to the complaint and request for protection. Applicationfor Separation  

Marion reported in an article published in 1988 she was unable to obtain a divorce because she did not know where Alex was. The People - MyBarmy Wedding by Ian Dougall

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