Monday, November 14, 2016

Received Via Comment

Well, sending this would not be the most bizarre thing Alex has almost makes one feel compassion for Laura.  Almost.  

posted with a picture of his injured thumb:

Duke Alexander Montagu Manchester
Follow · August 4 ·

My Wife who claimed she loves me slashed my thumb of because I
Found out she
Was being
A prostitue in local casinos and
I refused to give her money or pay her phone bill

anonymous |


  1. Looks like Laura and Alex are turning on each other - they should apologize to you Melinda... So who is next, could it be your diminished capacity daughter? Rumor is that someone is cheating on their husband!!! Lots of conversations while the hubby is away. I think you can figure it out. Maybe husbands can and should check their wives call records while they are off hard at work. People never change, do they...

    1. Hi Anon. I posted it with the photo because the police reports confirmed the story. I understand Laura left and is in California, probably in or around Laguna Beach.

      If this is true then Laura has to find a way to survive. This means she is looking for a way to position herself as a heroine and not an accomplice.

      We await events, right?