Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Alex Writes A RipOff Report, September 2013

Wendy found the RipOff Report below, three of them and the response from the victim, Jason Trindade, only yesterday. Sorry for the delay in reporting on this.

Montmanch is a handle which is clearly a combination of Alex's two names, Montagu / Manchester, which he routinely uses in one form or another. In the response Jason names Alex.

The three complaints come within just a few days of each other September 5 - 9th just before Alex and Laura were to have an eviction hearing. Note: They lost and used a free truck from ? To get their stuff out of the condo and also the storage place, which was also kicking them out. We had communication with a person who prefers to remain anonymous on them and their habits, which have not changed.
There are two comments after the original complaint both of which use the word 'bloke' to describe Jason. This is an Australian term. Alex is Australian. The sentence construction and grammar indicate all three are written by the same person, 'montmanch.'
So, where are Alex and Laura now? Perhaps living with Craig Franklin in Laguna Beach?

  • Submitted: Thu, September 05, 2013
  • Updated: Thu, September 05, 2013
  • Reported By: montmanchlas vegas Nevada

#3 REBUTTAL Owner of company

No Rent From Tenant for 3 Months and now This

AUTHOR: Jason Trindade - ()

SUBMITTED: Friday, September 06, 2013
Alex Montagu, 13th Duke of Manchester rented a condo at Sky Las Vegas from me and has not paid rent or power in 3 months. I filed papers to have him evicted and he appealed everything and has dragged this out for 3+ months without paying his rent it power bill.
Alex has resorted to threatening me and makes improper remarks about knowing where me and my family live. This guy is truly scary and I would hope that any preparing to do business with hhim would read this first and save themselves te frustration.
I looked him up online and found he has a history scamming businesses and I am the lucky recipient of his antics this time. We have a hearing scheduled for September 11. I look forward to having him removed from the condo so I can go back to dealing with normal people who are willing to pay for their rent and power bills. This guy has been nothing but problems since the day I met him and now I am on Rip Off Report when I shouldn't be. 
I am sure Alex will reply to this with an angry response and more allegations of me being a bad person, but there is nothing I can do to stop that. He is mad at me because I am contesting his Scam and I have to deal with it until he finds someone else to focus his energy on.

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