Sunday, November 3, 2013

The Ducal Digs Move Again, via Home Depot

It has been a busy several weeks.  We received information from reliable sources, some of these located in Las Vegas, who affirmed to us the Duke and Duchess of Manchester were evicted from the apartment in Sky Las Vegas, a high end high rise there, where they had been squatting for some time.  

The hearing took place on September 11th, the actual eviction on the 18th.  

In parallel, Duchess Laura was texting Wendy, the Duke's former wife and the mother of his two children, that the dauntless duo was planning a posh wedding to reaffirm their vows, the ceremony to be attended by 300 close friends.  

From this  we conclude nothing much has changed in their alternate reality.  

The couple was seen driving into their storage facility at this time with a Home Depot Moving Van, which Wendy confirmed was the method preferred by Alex when forced to again shift his possessions.  

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