The Duke of Manchester Award 
Exceptional Stupidity

The Duke of Manchester Award for Exceptional Stupidity is granted after intense study of the nomination made for the potential recipient.  All aspects of the specific incident of Stupidity is considered for factors which might have rendered the action understandable by a normal human being with an I.Q. of 89.  

If no such factors can be found the award is made and memorialized here, in perpetuity.  

Having the award made under the sinecure of Alexander, 13th Duke of Manchester arose from evidence His Grace is, himself, an exceptionally stupid peer, in fact a peerlessly stupid individual.  

Evidence of this is available throughout this site but is, perhaps, best illustrated with this series of Comments which appeared on Huffington Post in January, 2012. 

The process for initiating an award is overseen by Her Grace, Wendy, Duchess of Manchester, the mother of the future 14th Duke, with the aid and assistance of a committee appointed by acclamation. 

To make a nomination send your certified and witnessed Papers of Nomination to 

Grantees, listed chronologically

Laura Anne Smith 

Morgan Barteaux Gell

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